Dear Rope Skipping Jump Rope Family throughout the world:


We know International Rope Skipping Federation - FISAC IRSF has had some problems in the past, and many were not happy with the way it operated. But instead of seeing the organization merged with the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF) the way it did undemocratically and illegally, we would like to reform International Rope Skipping Federation - FISAC IRSF and continue its existence and to prepare it to enter a merge that is legal and democratically inclusive of all for the unity of the sport.


In order to do so, we would like to go back to the basics by attempting to fulfill the needs of people in different countries and do so in a democratic way. So we are putting up the original International Rope Skipping Federation - FISAC IRSF constitution which was developed at a time when many commonly shared its values and worked together for the common goal. The constitution includes the fundamental principles and is not written in accordance with a constitution of a business corporation as IJRU’s is but is in accordance with a constitution of an International Sport Federation.


We hope everyone will take a careful look at it and provide suggestions on how the constitution can be improved. As you do so please also identify what is no longer appropriate in this time period.

Your suggestions are valuable and will be given serious consideration in revising the constitution. While you are doing so, we will soon provide our suggestions for your observation.



Friends of Rope Skipping: The International Coalition 

FISAC IRSF original Constitution

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