"Unity is oneness of purpose, not sameness of persons."

~Tony Evans~


We must not forget that we are just temporary administrators of the sport we are passionate about. What we do and the decisions we make will leave a long-lasting impression.

We should keep in mind that we are being watched. This sport and all its stakeholders are being evaluated and judged.

What is IJRU dispute? What is FISAC IRSF dispute? What is IRSF WJRF merger dispute?

Richard Cendali's Letter

dated May 10, 2019


dated July 5, 2019


Open Letter dated April 30, 2019

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Open Letter dated April 23, 2019

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May 01, 2019.

Draft Rulebook of Unified World Rope Skipping Championship 2020 (WC 2020) released. Kindly share your views, suggestions. Download file https://www.FriendsofRopeSkipping.org/wc-2020

April 23, 2019.

World Rope Skipping Championship  2020 (WC 2020) announced, more details coming soon. Friends of Rope Skipping organising Unity World Rope Skipping Championship in 2020, to be hosted by IOC recoganised organization. More details coming very soon. 


01 March, 2019

The sport of rope skipping is facing a crisis.


Dear Rope Skipping Enthusiasts:

A supposed merger has allegedly taken place to unite the sport, urged by the very people that created the division that disrupted the unity of the sport in the first place. A vote was taken at the FISAC World Championships last year purporting to merge International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC) and the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF). That vote was not taken in accordance with the International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC) constitution and bylaws and therefore is not legal. Subsequently, International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC) members have been expelled in violation of the FISAC - IRSF constitution and members accepted into this newly merged organization, the International Jump Rope Union (IJRU), before that organization even had procedures to specify the basis of membership and the procedures for making membership decisions.


Vague hope:

That supposed merger vote was urged by members of the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF) to further their own ambitions and political goals, which are not in the best interests of the sport. They promised to bring greater financial resources into the sport and to gain greater status in the international community of sport. They are incapable of doing so, as their own past actions make clear. These promises are what we all hope for, but this new organization cannot deliver on those promises. Apparently, their presentation was polished and seemed persuasive, but the ability to prepare a fancy presentation is not enough to run an international federation successfully. The facts do not back up their ability to deliver on their promises.


Countries disappointed:

A significant number of countries around the world are very disappointed with the way this illegal vote came about and displeased with how the International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) has behaved since. These countries want the sport to be unified and want to work together, legally and democratically, to grow our sport, achieve financial stability and work towards getting rope skipping recognized as an Olympic Sport. We believe that everyone involved in our sport wants this. However, the formation of International Jump Rope Union IJRU has not followed a democratic or legal procedure. This may not affect your country directly now, but eventually, it will, if only indirectly, as the sport degenerates under their incapable leadership and legitimate athletes and organizations are being ignored by IJRU. We now stand opposed to this new organization, convinced that this merger is not in the best interests of this sport and that the people behind it are not the ones most capable of leading the sport in the future, as their actions from the beginning to date make clear.


We are setting up this website and Discussion Forum where all the facts will be presented to clearly support our points below. We urge you to consult this web site and engage in open discussions of what needs to happen now.

Here are a few troubling facts you should be aware of in this matter. We will be presenting further facts on our new website.


  1. FISAC - IRSF was created in 1996 when the International Rope Skipping Federation and others involved in the sport met to form a new group to unite the sport and seek international recognition. Much progress has been made since and much more work remains to be done. FISAC has a long history and a respectable record of accomplishments. There was no reason to dissolve it. The only argument made to justify this merger was that a newly merged organization could do better. The past record of the WJRF suggests otherwise. FISAC has a long history and an established name. It has been organizing events for over twenty years. Like any organization, it could profit from improvements. But it has been a successfully functioning organization for over 20 years.

  2. World Jump Rope was only created in 2011 and subsequently changed its name to World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF). It was formed by people formerly on the board of the U.S.A. Jump Rope Federation (USAJRF), who brought that organization to the verge of ruin. They were heavily criticized for this and were not reelected. Since their departure, the financial problems which they largely created have slowly been overcome. Now they want to run the sport internationally. These people have proven themselves incapable of sound financial management. How can they do better than FISAC? It is worth noting that their organization temporarily lost its legal status in the United States through administrative incompetence. Is this the kind of leadership that can advance the sport internationally?

  3. It is not clear that World Jump Rope Federation WJRF was a genuinely international organization, nor is it clear that their supposed members are legitimate. For example, the people who ran the WJRF started a national federation in the United States that has never run a championship, the American Jump Rope Federation (AMJRF). Now, the IJRU wants to replace the longstanding FISAC member (USAJRF) with this unproven group.

  4. Rather than work within the International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC), these people started their own supposed world organization. Their events were always held in the United States and largely attended by U.S. jumpers eager to earn a “world title.” Their events were not true world championships and show their lack of experience to run the sport at the international level. The creation of the WJRF prompted the division that now exists. They chose not to work within the existing democratic structure.

  5. The WJRF convinced a few board members of FISAC to join with them to create the brand new International Jump Rope Union (IJRU). This was done without the majority consent of FISAC-IRSF board members and without the approval of the member nations. These FISAC people and WJRF signed a Memorandum of Understanding in October 2017, which has never been made public. Nor has it been voted upon in accordance with the FISAC constitution and bylaws. It, therefore, has no legal standing.

  6. The board of this new IJRU was selected by the current executives from FISAC and WJRF. They were not elected by the member nations. This is not democratic. It is not legal. Board members cannot just elect themselves.

  7. The board of this new IJRU has been deciding which national federation shall be the IJRU recognized federation in countries where a FISAC and a WJRF exist. This is not in accordance with the FISAC constitution and bylaws, nor the norms of international sport. Membership is decided by the members. Any such board decision is at best a recommendation that needs the approval of the member nations, which has not occurred. This board, without the final authority to do so, claimed to have replaced USAJRF with their bogus American federation. This was done without due process and without a hearing to compare the two. In their letter justifying their choice, they make statements that are not true. They might have known this had USAJRF been allowed to respond to false allegations. The very fact that this situation has been incorrectly handled suggests that the IJRU may not act correctly in the future. All federations could be in jeopardy. The reality is that IJRU wanted the WJRF selected, even though they were the least qualified. There are currently three other major national rope skipping organizations in the United States, beyond USAJRF and AMJRF. All three support USJRF. In other words, four of the five organizations in the United States, with the overwhelming majority of athletes, disagree with the IJRU as to the most qualified national federation.

  8. The manner in which the IJRU has attempted to remove the longstanding federation in the United States is illustrative of their bias and disrespect for the rule of law. Unfortunately, they are acting without first objectively creating clear policies and procedures to guide their decisions. Particularly when deciding whom to recognize as a member federation. This will be a problem in other nations. WJRF created a number of national federations around the world which are not serious organizations. They have never been closely examined. Many have not even run national tournaments; they don’t have full boards, little membership, and no history or experience to serve as a national governing body. However, the IJRU recognizes these skeleton federations.

  9. In countries like Korea, a Korean national organization which participated in all FISAC and Asian championships for the last 20 years has been turned down in favor of an organization that participated in both tournaments only once with skippers from the current organization. There was no attempt to help the two to work together.

  10. In the case of the United States, The IJRU initially suggested mediation. USAJRF agreed. IJRU suggested TSE Consulting, a private business with whom the WJRF and AMJRF had a prior commercial relationship (and listed WRJF as a client). USAJRF demanded a neutral party and suggested one after consulting with sport authorities. IJRU rejected their suggestion and said that the only mediator they would accept was TSE Consulting. It is worth noting that payment for mediation services was to be made to IJRU and not TSE Consulting. TSE is no longer in existence.

  11. Asserting authority over the FISAC world championships by virtue of the supposed merger, IJRU dictated suspending the FISAC recognized federation of India’s, a member for two decades, membership in favor of new, WJRF for the purpose of participating in the 2018 world championships. The original Indian federation suggested a joint delegation of participants for FISAC’s World Championships as a compromise. This suggestion was refused. Instead, the WJRF member federation was invited to the world championships. In other words, India was expelled, in violation of the FISAC constitution.

  12. Similarly, In Singapore, the current FISAC & ARSF member (Rope Skipping Association Singapore) was not selected because it did not have non-profit status at the time that the application was submitted. FISAC & ARSF also dismissed the eligibility of Rope Skipping Association Singapore to be granted a full membership in 2019 - not following the ByLaws of FISAC & ARSF. Singapore also raised concerns regarding a harassment encounter towards their athletes by the president of JRFS (the chosen NGB for Singapore by IJRU). This concern was dismissed casually and no further investigation took place. Singapore wants leadership and an organization that practices integrity. Decisions of IJRU have left the athletes and coaches disheartened.

  13. Some of the rules IJRU is announcing are problematic. For example, IJRU’s new bylaws state that national rules cannot be in conflict with IJRU rules. Leaving aside the fact that these rules have not been approved by the member nations, there are many problems with this. A national federation must abide by the laws of its country and its sports authority, which must take priority over any international rules. An international federation only has authority over its competitions, not over the internal operations of a member national federation. IF a national law conflicts with FISAC, how can a national federation disobey their country’s law?

  14. IJRU’s bylaws state that the Board of Directors will make all critical decisions. This is not how international federations work. All decisions of the board are subject to approval by the member nations. Otherwise, a small group of individuals with personal ambitions and financial interests could easily ignore the will of the majority of members. We fear this will happen.

  15. Bylaws state that IJRU has the authority to approve local events. It is not IJRU’s task to organize local tournaments. It also can be in violation of national laws. Such authority has been struck down in American as a violation of U.S. law in similar situations in other sports.

  16. The first step in international status for jump rope lies in membership in the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). IJRU is not likely to be well-received by GAISF because of poorly thought out actions. They have requested observer status with GAISF and implied this is a form of membership. It is not. They are not members, nor can they vote. Observer status means only that you can attend their congresses as an observer. Nothing more. Unfortunately for our sport, IJRU has overstepped the bounds of propriety in this regard. They have used the GAISF logo on their letterhead stationery. They are not at full membership and we question if this is legal. We question whether or not we will gain respectability if IJRU is taking actions like this that are improper. GAISF also indicates that they will not accept a federation if there are conflicting rival organizations. The supposed merger has not united the sport. Many federations do not accept it and may form a new international federation. Already continental federations have been independently formed that are not under IJRU.


Because of the divisive way IJRU is determining national membership, there will be rival federations in many countries which will inevitably lead to a separate international organization being formed.


The goal is a strong and united sport:

Like everyone else, our goal is to see the sport strong and united. However, we will not participate in an unproven organization that acts illegally and makes promises that it cannot deliver. Unless everyone in the sport agrees on what direction to take in the future, the situation will deteriorate. Not everyone agrees with the merger and many think it is not a valid vote. Not everyone has been happy with how the #IJRU has operated since the vote.


A congress must:

A congress must be called, in accordance with the FISAC constitution and bylaws, and a legal vote should be taken by those with the power to vote. A legal vote has not happened. We are prepared to support a valid merger, but unless it is done correctly, many will take another path. At this point, it seems clear that a merger with an unproven organization is not in the best interests of #FISAC, the established international federation, nor in the best interests of the sport at large.


May seek a separate path:

Rather than participate in dubious world championships of an illegitimate organization, we will seek a separate path, unless things are done fairly, democratically and legally. Unless that happens, our sport will not be taken seriously by the international sports community and years of progress will have been wasted.


World Championship 2020:

We are prepared to organize a world championship in 2020 that will be the best ever. Already we have spoken to several major sports organizations that are prepared to partner with us in this effort, forming relationships that will present the opportunity to provide the best world championships.


Call for a vote:

The formation of IJRU has NOT unified the sport of rope skipping. Instead, because of the way this merger has been improperly pushed forward, the sport is further divided and the situation will get worse. We propose to call for a vote of the FISAC member nations to legally ratify or reject the merger proposal. We will organize the best world championships ever in 2020 under FISAC or some new organization. We will not do this with IJRU unless a valid merger takes place. Based on what we have learned about WJRF, we do not think this merger is a good idea and we believe that when all the facts are known, the proposed merger will not be approved.


We propose to move forward in a positive way in the future and urge you to seriously consider

what needs to be done for our sport.



Friends of Rope Skipping



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